Not bad for a girl from the rice fields of Thailand


Recently I sold a painting and it’s going to Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London. Which led me to think of some of the places I’ve sent my art to thanks to online galleries, my website and increasingly social media.


New York, Washington, Las Vegas, Malibu beach California, Holly Wood, Chicago, Denver Colorado, Steam Boat Colorado, The Bay San Fransisco, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, Boston, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, Riverwood, Redwood, Charlotte, Olympia, Parker, and to some more then once, New York 6 different addresses inc 6th Ave.


The length and breath of The United Kingdom 


Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Holland, Ireland, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Peru, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand.


17 Countries in all so far and some clients 6,7,8 or more and I’m very very proud of that, so it’s not bad for a girl from the rice fields of Thailand.



I recently did a commission for an ArtFinder client and this is what she said to ArtFinder about me.


"As a side note: Suthamma (Ta) Thimkaeo has been absolutely lovely to work with - beyond being a talented artist, she is an excellent communicator, and one gets immediate sense that they are dealing with a truly caring, good and kind hearted soul. A true asset to have in your pool of curated artists. Ta has given us a truly fantastic first impression of Artfinder."









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