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Goddess flying to the moon

by Ta Thimkaeo

79" x 59" x 1.5" | Oil Painting on Canvas | $2,230.00

Status: Sold

Current Location: Ta Art Gallery

A couple of years ago I was in London spending time wondering round Art Galleries and Museums and I was amazed of the big painting, portraits of a man or woman on a horse. The idea of painting one of my Goddesses on a horse has been with me for a while. I wanted my Goddess on a horse but the horse had to be my style, I wanted big powerful horse to carry my Goddess, I wanted it colourful the colours depicting its muscles I also wanted the horse floating on a cloud within the illumination of the moon The Goddess flying to the moon, is a large oil painting which it to make a statement to look stunning hanging on a wall with the right lighting. I looked to Botticelli for inspiration I just love his use of colours. To me the most important thing is my reputation I want a trusted brand, I want my collectors to know, I will always put them first. I used to think I was lucky, I’ve had some amazing reviews, but that comes with hard work, I want to exceed people’s expectations. As a successful full-time artist I have been selling my art for over 6 years, my art is hanging on walls in private collections in 13 different countries, I’m very proud of that. I’ve had an exhibition but the best exhibition of all………those of my paintings hanging on walls at homes, offices and hotels of my valued clients. CUSTOM ARTWORK? I will be happy to create an unique custom piece in any size. I sell mainly rolled canvases which are professionally packed and tracked in high-quality, materials. However if you would prefer a painting ready to hang and delivered in a custom made box / crate please feel free to contact me and I can arrange. The artwork is signed on the front and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. NOTE: The images in situ are computer generated, might not be to scale and serve for illustration purposes only. Thank you for visiting my gallery and I really hope you will find something that you will enjoy for a long time to come and if you have any questions just hit the contact button and ask, I’m happy to answer any questions.



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