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The Lovers (2 hearts beating as 1)

by Ta Thimkaeo

41" x 78.5" x 2" | Oil Painting on Canvas | $850.00

Status: Sold

Current Location: Ta Art Gallery

“The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.” Lucian Freud 
 “The Lovers” (2 hearts beating as one) - Oil on Canvas 200 x 140 x 4 Cms (78.5”X41.1.5”) Painted mainly with a knife using high quality oils, with soft touches of bright colour. ‘The Lovers’ (2 hearts beating as one) a large oil painting part of my Lover’s collection depicting two exquisite lovers locked In an embrace. For me the Lovers collection is a very important part of my work, I love working with beautiful soft colours, I loved the form they take, I love the beauty, the feeling, the glow it generates, I try to capture that glow with every brush or knife stroke. I wanted “The Lovers” to look comfortable with lots of pleasing curves, ageless, of indeterminate origin or nationality, but above all at ease with themselves. This original handmade artwork will be delivered with an invoice and a signed certificate of authenticity. I have signed it on the front, then signed, and titled the artwork on the back. Carefully packed, insured and tracked. If you need any further information, just use the "contact" button, and I will answer your question(s) !



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