I now believe I have my style which is a little diverse but beginning to develop in 4 ways; The goddesses, The Lovers, My Ladies and The Crowd scenes, as in Top hat, Mystery etc and I’m really pleased people are beginning to talk of my paintings as one of Suthamma’s (Ta). Of course I will always go off track and painting with my imagination and produce something like Egg Lady.


What an ArtFinder Client said recently of the original Lovers. 


I have just seen ‘The Lovers’ on Artfinder, and it is absolutely magnificent! I have no words at the moment, to express just how much I like it. I see a style developing here which is very attractive and compelling. You know when you look at a Monet, and the style is instantly recognisable as a Monet before you even see the signature? Same with a Van Gogh, or a Rembrandt or a Lucien Freud; we recognise the style. I think pretty soon people will see one of your paintings and, without looking at the signature, will be able to instantly say: ‘That’s a Suthamma!’ 




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